We are a company that represents a network of clinics and hospitals throughout the Dominican Republic that provides healthcare services to patients with foreign medical insurance.

Additionally, we serve as a platform for international health insurance in the Dominican Republic. Consequently, we operate on behalf of international insurance companies, and our goals will always be to give the greatest services to your clients and achieve your complete satisfaction.


Founded as a company in 2013 and with more than 15 years working in the sector, we have vast experience in the Dominican market and we have established primary relationships with important medical providers in the country, ensuring that the patient obtains a reliable, timely and quality service anywhere on the island where you are.


We care about having a network of services that is in accordance with international quality standards, which allows us to have a 100% satisfaction rate.

  • Emergency medical evacuation transport aid.

  • Coordination of land transportation (ground ambulance).
  • Medical / hospital / dental references.

  • Emergency prescription replacement

  • Home visit: doctor’s appointment (restriction applies)
  • Medical payment arrangements [payment coordination]

  • Medical cost / recovery of expenses

  • Medical bill audits

  • Processing of medical documents and information

 +1 (321)300-2701


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